Aircelsius staff will asses your requirements and if necessary do the design and proposals. On large projects we will provide working drawings, do installation and then final as built drawing with operating manuals.


Most homes in South Africa are not built with air-conditioning in mind. Therefore to apply air-conditioning to existing houses makes the choices of the type of system very limited. If you are designing a new house, involve an air-conditioning specialist like ourselves from the very beginning.

There are many different types of air-conditioning units, systems and makes of equipment. The easiest and least expensive application for existing homes is to use single highwall split type units. This way each room can be treated separately and equipment can be installed as and when finances permit. Single ducted package units to serve the whole house are not practical to install and are expensive to run especially if only one room is occupied and the big machine has to run for just one room. There are other types of multi-split systems available but they are much more expensive and very complex.

For this exercise we will cover only highwall split units. Most most manufacturers make five sizes of unit.

9000 btu/hr (2.6 kW ) up to 16 m2 floor area

12000 btu/hr (3.5 kW ) up to 24 m2 floor area

18000 btu/hr (5.0 kW ) up to 34 m2 floor area

24000 btu/hr ( 7.0 kW) up to 44 m2 floor area

30000 btu/hr ( 8.7 kW ) up to 55 m2 floor area